Our Founding Midwife

‚ÄčAlice B. Taylor, CNM NP, MPH

Alice retired from the clinical practice in December 2017

Shilo McKenzie, CNM NP, MSN


Shilo McKenzie, CNM NP, MSN started her journey to midwifery at birth, when she was born into the hands of a midwife. Growing up hearing the empowering birth stories from the women in her community as they talked about their midwife, Alice Taylor, stoked the flame of her midwifery spirit. Shilo job shadowed Alice in high school; she continued on to receive her Bachelors in Science and Nursing (BSN) at the University of Portland. She took a semester off her freshman year of college to return home and have her first son with midwife Alice Taylor, CNM guiding her through the journey. This experience reaffirmed her desires to pursue midwifery.

After graduation, she and her husband were eager to return home to the family farm and loving community support; she took a job at Bay Area Hospital (BAH) and applied to the online midwifery school, Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing. This distance program allowed her to join Alice Taylor as a student in 2007; she also trained with several wonderful CNMs at BAH. She graduated from Frontier in 2009 with her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Certified Nurse Midwifery (CNM) certificate.

Staying in Curry County providing midwifery care to the women of her community has always been her dream. The fulfilling life of a midwife is made possible by her loving husband, who so sweetly wishes her and her mamas the best as she runs out of the house at all hours; her supportive family, friends and community; and her 3 amazing sons.

Alice B Taylor, CNM NP, MPH has been welcoming babies into the world and caring for women of all ages for almost four decades. She arrived in Gold Beach in 1973 as a registered nurse; in 1978, after completing her training in nurse-midwifery at Downstate Medical Center/College of Allied Health Care Professions in Brooklyn at the State University of New York, she returned to Gold Beach and achieved her goal of establishing the Family Birth Center and Women's Clinic, while offering births in three settings: hospital, birth center, and home. Alice credits the remarkable women and families of Curry County for whole-heartedly embracing the midwifery model of care.

From 1986-1996 she was joined by a remarkable midwife, Maggie Muellner, allowing her to leave Oregon to obtain a Masters Degree in Public Health (specializing in maternal-child health) from Columbia University in the City of New York. In 1982, Alice attended the home birth of Shilo McKenzie ... 25 years later, Shilo joined Alice as a student nurse-midwife. In 2009, Shilo and Alice became partners in midwifery practice, establishing Bright Eyes Midwifery and Wild Rivers Women's Health, LLC in April 2014. In December of 2017, Alice retired from clinical practice. She is still very much part of the Bright Eyes team, committing her time to working on health and wellness projects in the community.

The rewarding life of a midwife would not be possible without the loving support of Alice's husband, Dr.Ted Taylor, and her four sons: Jake, Will, James, and Max. Alice loves to share with her clients what birth has taught her and what birth means to her - including the birth of her own children.

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