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"I gave birth to my daughter with these amazing midwives; I cannot think of anyone I would rather have at my side both during my pregnancy, as well during labor and birth.

‚ÄčThey were there to teach, guide, support, and love throughout the entire 10-month process. I could not imagine bringing a child into this world without such gifted midwives at my side."

-Anna Johnson

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"I was SO excited to have my third baby with Alice and Shilo! I could not have asked for a better place or people to be apart of my baby girl's birth! I highly recommend Bright Eyes Midwifery!"

-Bri Crumley

"During the 20-hour delivery of my son at the hospital, one of the midwives was always in the room and by my side. After his birth, they gave me all the extra support I needed while I dealt with some postpartum and nursing issues. Their dedication to me and my baby was amazing! I felt so incredibly loved!"

- Erin McGinnis

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